Why Auckland Residents Rely on Novus Penrose for Glass Services

A ding or crack in a vehicle windscreen needs immediate attention and sometimes means an expensive repair bill. However, Auckland residents have another option that saves them time, money and inconvenience. They often turn to professionals like Novus Penrose, who offer high-tech repair services that often save glass. Technicians at 5 different locations can also replace auto glass and restore other types of glass.

Specialty Repair Methods Can Preserve Auto Glass

Clients typically choose the NOVUS repair method in order to save vehicle windscreens which have small cracks or dings. Without quick action these tiny flaws can spread and become hazards. Fortunately, technicians can now use methods that create nearly invisible repairs and help auto owners avoid replacing glass. Craftsmen inject resin into broken glass layers. When cured it has the same optical properties as original glass. The repair leaves a tiny mark that is so small even inspectors have difficulty finding it.

Technicians Efficiently Replace Vehicle Glass

Although this unique method of repair can save a lot of windscreens, some glass must be replaced. For instance, windscreen damage may be too severe for repairs. Nor can technicians always repair side or rear windows, although some glass qualifies. Fortunately, repair specialists also offer fast, guaranteed replacement services. They can usually replace windscreens within 2 hours, depending on humidity and temperatures. Owners are able to drive their cars as soon as urethane dries. Glass technicians will bill insurance companies for the work.

Professionals Offer Home or Business Glass Restoration

The same experts who repair and replace auto glass can remove mineral deposits, etching, scratches and graffiti from commercial and residential glass. They also restore stainless steel, mirrors and plastic. Technicians work efficiently, so restoration is a quick process. Their work can often save customers the cost of replacing older glass doors and windows. Professionals can even polish and restore vehicle headlights. All of their work is guaranteed.

Auckland residents depend on local glass specialists to quickly and carefully repair vehicle windscreen flaws. The same professionals will replace windscreens that are too damaged to repair. In addition, they can restore residential and commercial glass, vehicle headlights, plastic and stainless steel.